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The Portugal Golden Visa program offers a pathway to residency through an investment into a Government Regulated Fund. By investing in a Government Regulated Fund, you can secure a residency permit and enjoy the many benefits of living in this picturesque European country.

Program Overview:

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence visa issued to non-EU nationals who have made a significant investment in Portugal, such as purchasing real estate, making a capital investment, or creating employment opportunities.

It is a fast-track process for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in an EU country – via the Golden Visa, you can become eligible for Portuguese citizenship in as little as five years.

Program Benefits:

The Golden Visa for Portugal is an extremely popular visa for wealthy investors as it offers a wide range of benefits for the investor and their family members, such as:

  1. Visa Free Travel anywhere in the Schengen Zone.
  2. Little to no stay requirements. 
  3. Ability to live and work in an EU Country.
  4. Access to Portuguese Healthcare and Education.
  5. Route to EU Citizenship within 6 years.
  6. Highly favourable tax system (NHR).

Requirements & Eligibility:

One of the key attractions of this program is its flexibility. Investors can choose from several investment routes, including Government Fund, capital transfer, job creation, and more. Your chosen option should align with your goals and vision.

To be eligible for a Golden Visa for Portugal, you have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • You must make a significant investment that is beneficial to the Portuguese economy.
  • You must have no history of criminal records.
  • You must own the money you seek to invest.
  • You must commit to maintaining the investment for at least another five years.

Investment Options:

Capital Transfer

A capital transfer of at least €500,000 in research activities can be made, or €250,000 in preserving national heritage in Portugal.

Capital transfer of at least €500,000 for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital funds for the capitalisation of companies whose maturity at the time of the investment is at least 5 years, and at least 60% of the value of investments will be realised in commercial companies based in Portugal.

€500,000 constitution of a commercial society with head office in Portugal and creation of 5 permanent working jobs.

Investment into Funds

Capital transfer of €500,000 or higher to invest in an investment fund or venture capital fund incorporated under Portuguese law which is dedicated to the capitalisation of companies, whose maturity at the moment of the investment is at least five years and with 60% of the investment portfolio realised in commercial companies with their head office in national territory.

Family Inclusion:

You can include the following family members in your application for a Portuguese Golden Visa:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Children under the age of 18.
  • Children over the age of 18 who are dependent on you financially. Adult children must be enrolled in full-time education and unmarried to qualify as dependents.
  • Siblings under the age of 18 of either yourself or your spouse/partner. For siblings to qualify as dependents, you or your partner must have legal custody of them.
  • Dependent parents (over the age of 55) of either you or your spouse/partner. You must provide documents proving their dependency unless they are older than 65.


Any family member included in your application will receive a Portuguese residence permit card and enjoy the same rights and privileges as you.

Stay Requirements:

While obtaining your Golden Visa, you’ll enjoy the freedom to stay in Portugal or travel throughout the Schengen Area without the need for additional visas. There is no minimum stay requirement.

After five years of maintaining your investment, you’ll be eligible for permanent residency. This paves the way for long-term stability in Portugal and potential citizenship.

Whether you’re seeking a new European home, investment opportunities, or simply a slice of the Portuguese lifestyle, the Golden Visa Program offers a straightforward and appealing path to make your aspirations a reality. We’re here to guide you through every step of your journey. Welcome to a brighter future in Portugal.

The benefits of Residency & Citizenship.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a sought-after pathway for international investors seeking European residency. 

Launched in 2012, it grants residency to those who make qualifying investments, with real estate being a prominent choice. 

The program offers a blend of benefits, including visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone, family reunification, and low minimum stay requirements. 

Investors can enjoy the beauty of Portugal while potentially benefiting from the country’s growing real estate market.

Path to

After five years of holding the Golden Visa, you become eligible for Portuguese citizenship. This grants you the rights and privileges of a European Union citizen, providing access to education, healthcare, and other social benefits.

Visa free travel in Schengen Zone

Holders of Portugal’s Golden Visa enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone. This perk is valuable for business and leisure, allowing you to explore 26 European countries without the hassle of obtaining additional visas.


The Golden Visa extends its benefits to your family members, allowing for family reunification. Spouses, dependent children, and even dependent parents can obtain residency, providing a comprehensive solution for families seeking a new home in Europe.

Low minimum stay requirements​

Portugal’s Golden Visa program has relatively low minimum stay requirements. This flexibility allows you to maintain residency without the need for extensive periods of physical presence, making it suitable for those with international business commitments.


The advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa include visa-free travel across the Schengen states, the right to live and work in Portugal, the ability to include each qualifying family member within the residence program, and the possibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship once you held your Golden Visa for at least five years.

The main applicant has to be a non-EU, non-EEA, and a non-Swiss citizen of 18 years or older, and make a qualifying investment within Portugal.

The main applicant’s spouse, minor children, dependent children, and dependent parents also obtain the Golden Visa through family reunification.

The wait time for the Golden Visa application changes constantly and it highly depends on which SEF (Immigration and Borders) office you applied to.  Typically SEF offices in major cities like Lisbon have a high wait time, whereas those in rural areas are less.  Currently, from the moment you make your investment, it takes approximately six to eight months to receive your Golden Visa residence card.

Most of the supporting documents to Portugal Golden Visa need to be translated into Portuguese or English.  You may find the details of the necessary documentation above in this article.

The Golden Visa investment needs to be performed by the main applicant as an individual.  The only exception is if the main applicant establishes a company and invests at least €1.5 million as capital into the company.  Then the limited company may make investments on behalf of the investor with that capital.

No.  If the investor doesn’t spend 183 days or more in Portugal within a year, the investor is not a domicile.  In that case, the investor doesn’t pay taxes in Portugal on the worldwide income, apart from that in Portugal.


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